How do I install the module?

1. Please make sure you are running PHP 5.2.x or higher, and the latest version of Kayako.
2. Back up your WHMCS folders:
3. Copy the rest of the files/folders into your WHMCS installation folder.
4. For Kayako v4 rename the file includes/ to includes/aiso-kayako-v4-settings.php
5. Create in the includes folder of WHMCS a file called aiso-Kayako-license.dat, leave it empty and make sure its writable by the web server.
6. Create in the includes folder of WHMCS a file called aiso-Kayako-license.key, copy and paste your license key from your customer area into this file.
7. Edit the file includes/aiso-kayako-v4-settings.php and adjust the values to your ticket system, including:
$mstrKayakoURL = "";
$mstrAPIKey = "";
$mstrSecretKey = "";
7b. It should look like the following replacing the URL, mykey and mysecret with your installation values.
$mstrKayakoURL = "";
$mstrAPIKey = "mykey";
$mstrSecretKey = "myseceret";
7c. Your done

8. If you are using a Kayako API that has an SSL cert (https) then please read the instructions here:

9. To enable WHMCS announcements feeds from Kayako edit the variable $mstrAnnouncementsXMLNewsFeed to your Kayako feed URL, example would be http://YOUR-KAYAKO-SUPPORT-URL/rss/index.php?/News/Feed/Index/0

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