Im getting the error The license key did not match any in the database. How do I fix this?

If you are getting the error "The license key did not match any in the database", then this can be fixed in a few ways.

1. Make sure your license key in the .key file is the same as what is in our customer area for your account.

2. Make sure they .key file has no spaces, tab characters or newline characters (Enter key) after the license string. The file will usually be between 29 - 30 bytes in size.

3. In linux you can try running the following in the includes folder:
3a. perl -pe 'chomp if eof' aiso-Kayako-license.key >
3b. mv aiso-Kayako-license.key

4. If you are looking at the file in Linux, then in vi (depending on your bash profile) you need to issue the "set binary" and "set noeol" commands before writing to the file to ensure no new line characters are present. Or FTP down the file and view it using Notepad for windows.

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