• 06/24/2017 - Kayako v4 WHMCS Module Update v1.36 Released
  • We have released a new version of our Kayako v4 WHMCS Module, version 1.36, on June 24th 2017 and recommend that every client update the module if they have not already. This includes new features and bug fixes. You can download it now by logging into our customer area at http://order.heapsoftware.com/customers/index.php?task=login.

    Here is a list of what the update contains:
    - New Feature: Added the ability for pagination on the server instead of in the browser for the new six template
    - New Feature: Added back the KB area breadcrumbs for WHMCS 6.x+
    - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in the KB area not showing KB articles in WHMCS 7.2+
    - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the KB area would not work in WHMCS 7.2+ with Basic URLs or Friendly index.php URLs
    - Update: Added configuration variables $mblnEnableWHMCSTemplateSixJqueryDataTablesMod for server pagination
    - Other minor bug fixes
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