Hello {first_name},

We have released a new version of our Kayako v4 WHMCS Module, version 1.18, on March 31st and recommend that every client update the module if they have not already. This update includes a few bug fixes and a new feature. You can download it now by logging into our customer area at http://order.heapsoftware.com/customers/index.php?task=login.

Here is a list of what the update contains:

- Bug Fix: Fixed issue where file attachments that are not allowed error out with an error screen, but the new ticket or ticket post was still created.
- Bug Fix: Minor change to the php code and template so when the type field is disabled, its disabled in the template as well.
- Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Kayako KB support, where if the categories where all the same order number they would not display.
- Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Kayako KB support, where if the category type was set to private the category would still show up.
- Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with submitticket, viewticket and supporttickets pages that when the client went to a link but was logged out and WHCMS was installed into a sub directory the redirection didnt work.
- Bug Fix: Support for WHMCS 5.2.x and higher.
- Bug Fix: Fixed issue where parent category title was not displayed some times when viewing KB article.
- Bug Fix: Fixed issue where doing a email address change would display an error in whmcs when it shouldnt.
- Bug Fix: Fixed a possible local license check issue on some servers and php installs.
- Updated: Switched Kayako Announcements from the XML feed to the Kayako API. You need Kayako version 4.51.1891 or higher for this, if you dont have it then do not update the file modules/support/kayako/announcements.php. Variable $mstrAnnouncementsXMLNewsFeed in settings file not needed any more. Updated Readme.txt step 9.
- New Feature: Kayako Ticket Search support. It appears the Kayako API doesnt return valid results during a search so subject search doesnt work (no way to search the ticket subject) and ticket content search doesnt always work. Only ticket ID/Mask works fully it appears.
- New Feature: WHMCS To Kayako Sync. Synchronizes the Kayako User database with WHMCS database. See Readme.txt file step 13 for more information.
- New Feature: Knowledgebase Suggestions during ticket creation. Make sure this is turned on under the Support Tab under General Settings in the WHMCS Admin area.
- Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

To update the module just replace all files in WHMCS with the files from the zip or just the ones in the change log file. If you have customized the module template files, then you will need to apply the changes manually for the files in the templates/kayako folder based on the files that changed. If you need help updating the module, just send us your FTP info for WHMCS to [email protected]

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