• 06/21/2021 - Kayako v4 WHMCS Module Update v1.40 Released
  • We have released a new version of our Kayako v4 WHMCS Module, version 1.40, on June 20th 2021 and recommend that every client update the module if they have not already. This includes bug fixes and improvements. You can download it now by logging into our customer area at http://order.heapsoftware.com/customers/index.php?task=login.

    Here is a list of what the update contains:

    - Update: Fixed a possible bug in WHMCS 8.1.x+ where the root KB page would not load

    - Update: Fixed twitter feed to work again on client area portal home in WHMCS 8.1 since they removed this feature when enabled.

    - Update: Fixed announcements page for WHMCS 8.1+

    - Update: Fixed Knowledgebase page for WHMCS 8.1+

    - Update: Added configuration variable $mblnUseWHMCSAnnouncementsHook and $mblnUseWHMCSKBHook

    - Bug Fix: Fixed a WHMCS KB SQL query when using WHMCS KB and WHMCS 8.0 or less

    - Other: Now including file modules/support/kayako/loginshare.php since whmcs no longer maintains it after WHMCS v7

    - Other: Renamed hooks file, please make sure to delete the old file editticketsystememail.php to prevent possible code conflicts

    - Other: Added a KB/Announcements sync script instead of calling Kaykao API. This fixes things like KB suggestions and the like and is better then the API calls. Make sure to run this periodically to sync from Kayako to WHMCS. Please make sure to set enabled (true) the following to enable: $mblnUseKayakoToWHMCSCronSync, $mblnUseWHMCSAnnouncements, and $mblnUseWHMCSBuiltInKB. Disable (false) $mblnUseWHMCSAnnouncementsHook and $mblnUseWHMCSKBHook.

    - Few other minor bug fixes

    To update the module just replace all files in WHMCS with the files from the zip or just the ones in the change log file.

    Since we renamed the hooks file, please make sure to delete the old file /includes/hooks/editticketsystememail.php to prevent possible code conflicts with the new one.
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